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Provide chemical consultation for factories one month

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The site provides consultation and follow-up service for a period of one month with a group of experts specialized in the field of various chemical industries around the clock in the following fields:

  • The field of manufacturing detergents of all kinds.

  • Field of thinners, solvents and biodiesel industry

  • The field of manufacturing shampoos and cosmetics

  • The field of manufacturing calcium grease and all industrial greases and industrial oils for metal cutting.

  • The field of manufacturing adhesives, paints and agricultural materials

  • The field of manufacturing building materials and additives for concrete

  • The field of manufacturing insulating materials and asphalt

  • The field of car care vehicle industry

In addition to providing industrial consultations to factories in the field of equipment needed for manufacturing and how to obtain it from your country and how it can be manufactured in the simplest ways and capabilities, in addition provide assistance in searching for addresses of raw materials while working on updating formulas if necessary to obtain the best products at economical prices.


The service does not include obtaining new formulas from the site, however, discounts can be obtained for those registered in consulting services.​

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